Packing Travel Trailer

If you’re planning to take your new travel trailer out for your first camping weekend, you probably have a lot of questions like how to Packing Travel Trailer, what to bring with you and maybe even how to pack dishes in a travel trailer. There are considerations to make as you plan for your first trip and stock your camper trailer for the season.

To help you plan, we’ve gathered some Tips for Packing Travel Trailer:

  • Stocking or seasonal outfittingRounding up all the supplies and gear you use each trip that can stay in the travel trailer between outings without spoiling or attracting pests is something you can do at the beginning of each season. Depending on your camping style, this might include things like non-breakable camp dishes and cutlery that can stay in a designated spot in your camper, camp chairs, a camp stove if your trailer doesn’t have one, portable awnings to cover your relaxation and outdoor food prep areas, an outdoor rug, and outdoor lighting.
  • Pack for the current tripAs your trip draws near, you’ll answer the question of what to pack in your travel trailer. You may want to start with a list of all the things you think you might want or need, keeping in mind the weather forecast for the area where you’re camping, how long you’ll be gone, and what activities you want to do. This likely will include things like food and food prep materials, clothes and gear specific to what you’ve planned to do on your excursion, a first aid kit and anything else that will help you feel at home in your trailer while at camp.
  • Themed containersSimilar to packing cubes for a suitcase, consider themed larger containers or stow/cargo bags that you use when packing items related to a specific activity. For example, you can pack your non-perishable food, food prep and clean-up items in your “kitchen” container. Determine what other themed containers you might want or need based on the amount of gear you have in similar categories. You’ll also want to have designated spots for these items within your travel trailer while in transit and once at camp. This will help keep you organized, and you’ll know right where to look for your belongings when you need them.
  • Last in first outWhen it comes time to put everything you’ve packed into your travel trailer, be conscious of what you’ll need immediately when you arrive at your destination and make sure those items get loaded last.
  • Place heavy stuff closer to the tow vehiclePack most of your heavier items closer to the vehicle-end of your trailer. According to this article on PopularMechanics.com, a good rule of thumb is to place about 60% of your heaviest stuff in front of your trailer’s axles with the remaining 40% placed after the axles. This goes for any type of trailer, not just travel trailers. Proper weight distribution will help with overall towing stability, reducing the risk of fishtailing.
  • Secure your itemsResist the urge to just toss things in and hit the road. Loose items should be secured both inside and on the trailer, if you have the type of travel trailer that allows you to carry additional items on its exterior.
  • Enjoy the great outdoorsOnce you arrive at your camping spot and get set up, it’s time to enjoy time with your family and friends out in nature.

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