Mobile Devices Etiquette


7 Easy Rules of Mobile Phone Etiquette – We rely on our mobile devices more and more every day. They keep us connected and help us conduct business. However, they also get in the way of some pretty important relationships in our life. Follow these rules of Mobile Devices Etiquette and your phone won’t hold you back.

Have Some Courtesy

1. Silence the phone whenever you’re spending time with anyone. That includes work, a meal, meeting or with family. If you are attending a performance of any kind, turn the phone off. There are exceptions to this rule for medical professionals or other expectant emergency situations.

2. Hidden phones are forgotten phones. We pay attention to the people in the room, the performance, or the meeting. It’s also a signal to the people we are with that they are important to us.

3. Step away if you do need to take a call. No one needs to hear your conversation while trying to enjoy a meal for two.

4. Shhh! Monitor the volume of your voice. Even when you step away, voices carry.

5. Pause before sending emails, texts, or social media posts. Consider the content, especially if it is posted in haste. Sometimes the need to ask will be all the answers you need before deleting the comment or text. Ask yourself the following questions before sending:

  • Will I regret sending this later?
  • Am I angry?
  • Will this hurt someone?
  • Is this appropriate?
  • Will this affect my job or relationship?

6. Don’t use your phone and drive. Many states prohibit cellular use or limit it to hands-free only. Any message can wait until you arrive at your destination. If it truly is urgent, pull to a safe stopping area to receive the message or call.

7. Don’t let your mobile device become a social hindrance. We often look to our phone for social engagement when we don’t know what else to do. Meet new people when you are in a new circle of people and begin networking with the people near you. Expand your social circle face to face and broaden the world around you.